Babak: “Every hryvnia invested by the state in warm credits allowed attracting 2 hryvnias of investments in energy saving”

Today at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers Samopomich MP Aliona Babak expressed the position of the Samopomich faction and the relevant Committee on Construction, Urban Planning, Housing and Communal services on the need to increase financing of the warm credit program for 2018.

“Summarizing the statistics of the program since May 2015 we see that this is a unique state program of energy efficiency, which, with the state funding of 1 billion 995 million hryvnias, attracted investments in the economy of Ukraine in the amount of 4 billion 778 million hryvnias.

That is, statistical data confirms that every hryvnia invested by the state allowed attracting 2 hryvnias to the economy of the country in energy saving,” Aliona Babak notes.

The MP reminds that today in the draft budget-2018, 400 million hryvnias are allocated for the program of warm credits.

“By and large, this is nothing. However, if we allocated 2 billion, it would be possible to attract investments and create new jobs worth of 4.3 billion hryvnias. The effect of this program has already been proved,” notes Aliona Babak.

According to her, after the presented arguments, the government representatives noted that they would seek the possibility of increasing this funding.

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