Babak: “Instead of only talking about the energy independence, the government should be financially supporting energy efficiency”

Samopomich demands from the Prime Minister to resume the financing of the “Warm loans” program. This was reported by a representative of the Samopomich parliamentary faction Aliona Babak during an hour of questions to the government. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hroisman publicly promises to solve this issues. However, this is not the first government’s promise concerning the “warm loans,” which has remained just a promise. The MP notes, “Last year, when we were deciding on the budget, I personally said that these funds would not be enough. So the Prime Minister promised that if this money was not enough, then additional financing would be provided. It is high time to remind the head of the government of his promises.”

As a matter of fact, people living in associations of co-owners have held general meetings, have decided on projects, that is, they have worked all summer long, and today we have about 30,000 such people, more than 120 houses. 

“These people prepared their applications for UAH 75 million and went to banks that administer “warm loans” programs only to learn that the financing was over. Just imagine that they had to go through this long and difficult process of making a decision about going for the state credit program, and suddenly they come to the state, and the state says: “There is no money!” That is, people make decisions that they will no longer irrationally consume energy in their homes, they hold a general meeting, collect signatures, and the government simply fails to fulfill its promises regarding the financing of the energy efficiency program. Therefore, it is important for us to ensure that the Prime Minister keeps the promise he publicly made during the hour of questions to the government! Instead of only talking about the energy independence, the government should be financially supporting energy efficiency,” concludes Aliona Babak.

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