Babak: The budget creates a fund of President Poroshenko at the expense of taxpayers, but the taxpayers themselves receive nothing

The adoption of the 2019 budget and the Tax Code in the Verkhovna Rada is pure bargaining for privileges by individual MPs. This is stated by Samopomich deputy Aliona Babak.

However, amidst all this bargaining, nothing is left for ordinary Ukrainians. Because, obviously, people are not the priority for this government.

“In this hall, everyone has claimed how much they care for young people, has spoken about various programs for the support of young people, has stated that we should support those young people who still see their future in this state and do not plan to leave. How many times have we talked about how we need programs for preferential housing loans. The money needed for this is just peanuts in comparison with the benefits that many of you received today through the adoption of the Tax Code,” says Babak.

The government has done nothing to provide the youth with the program of preferential housing loans. Nothing has been either done for people for whom the parliament passed laws on shared households. The people’s deputy is outraged:

“People have been living in shacks since the 90s and cannot improve their lives because the government does not provide 70 million hryvnias for the program of shared households. What is happening in this room? Why are we even having this bargaining here instead of finding some funds for ordinary people?”

If the government is so good at bargaining with the IMF, then why cannot it bargain a better situation for Ukrainians? Why during negotiations with creditors it was not agreed that the price of gas should not rise until the energy efficiency program was implemented?

“The government is doing nothing to change the situation. We are going to raise the gas price again in May. And when will the energy efficiency fund fully start its activities? You have the opportunity to negotiate with the IMF and say that by the time lending and energy efficiency start working in full, the price of gas should not be increased by a single hryvnia. You are not bargaining for the Ukrainians.”

“The budget is creating the Fund of President Poroshenko at the expense of taxpayers. Yet, taxpayers themselves are going to get nothing from it,” concludes the representative of Samopomich.

We shall note that Samopomich did not vote for the budget-2019 since it believes that the main financial document of the country is made for the oligarchs, not for the Ukrainians.

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