“Green” energy auctions are a way of fighting “energy oligarchs” – Andriy Sadovyi

Today, the parliament should consider a bill on the introduction of special auctions on renewable energy. MP Lev Pidlisetskyi, a representative of Samopomich Union, is the initiator and co-author of the draft law.

In his opinion, such practice is the most popular mechanism for supporting the development of renewable energy sources in Europe. All investors who want to produce electricity from the wind or the sun are required to participate in the auction. The investor who offers the lowest price will receive the right to build his project.

In Ukraine, the “green tariff” – a fixed price for electricity produced from renewable sources – has already been operating for ten years. It was established to stimulate the development of this industry (according to the National Energy Strategy, by 2035 the share of renewable energy in Ukraine should reach 25%). However, over the years, technology has become more modern, efficient and cheaper.

“According to the World Health Organization, a quarter of people in the world die due to poor ecology. I think the situation in Ukraine is not better. And is one of the largest air pollutants in our country? Power stations.

Therefore, we should develop “green” energy. The auctions offered by Samopomich are aimed at the market; they are against the super-profits of the “energy oligarchs” and provide for competition. That is, we can get investment and cheap energy, the production of which will not harm people’s health and the environment. I am convinced that such things need only be supported,” says Samopomich leader Andriy Sadovyi.

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