The prosecutor’s office failed to remove Vladyslav Marchenko from the post of deputy chairman of the Zaporizhia regional council

The Court of Appeal of the Kharkiv region refused to satisfy the appeal of the prosecutor’s office about the removal of the deputy chairman of the Zaporizhia regional council Vladyslav Marchenko, who also heads the local office of Samopomich in Zaporizhia region.

The prosecutor demanded to cancel the decision of the investigative judge of Chervonozavod District Court of Kharkiv dated December 28, 2017 and to remove Vladyslav Marchenko from office for two months. The judiciary board recognized these claims unfounded. “The investigating judge made the right decision when he refused to satisfy the prosecutor’s request to remove Vladyslav Marchenko from his post back in December. It was also said that Marchenko’s duties had absolutely nothing to do with those alleged crimes that he is charged with. We consider this decision to be legal, and today the Court of Appeal confirmed that both our opinion and the decision of the investigating judge are correct,” said lawyer Serhiy Barbashyn.

After the announcement of the court’s decision, Vladyslav Marchenko underlined that the case initiated against him by the prosecutor’s office is collapsing in the court, and this demonstrates the rottenness of the Ukrainian law enforcement system. “I lost a whole day, although I could have worked in my workplace.

Instead, I had to spend a whole day in Kharkiv attending court hearings. This was a waste of time – mine, the prosecutor’s, the board of judges’, who receive their salaries at the expense of the taxes we all pay. This is unacceptable. I believe that this once again shows all the rottenness of our law enforcement system. And once again the judges said: the suspicion is unreasonable, there is no reason to dismiss me from office. And earlier the investigating judge had also said – go work – and refused to satisfy the request of the prosecutor’s office. This shows that this case is a political order and it already holds no water. I am sure that in the near future we will be witnessing curious processes that will put everything in its place,” Marchenko said.

We shall recall that on January 12, Kharkiv Court of Appeal refused to satisfy the appeal of the prosecutor’s office, which demanded to strengthen the measure of restraint and replace the round-the-clock home arrest with a detention or release on bail. The court partially granted the appeal of the defence party and mitigated the measure of restraint, allowing Vladyslav Marchenko to leave his home from 10 am to 2 pm in order to fulfill his duties as deputy chairman of the Zaporizhia regional council.

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