Anti-people budget 2019

The finalized draft budget 2019 left the financing for the “warm loans” in the amount of 400 million. For the Energy Efficiency Fund – 1.6 billion.

Nobody in the government and in the coalition is willing to support Ukrainians who want to reduce the consumption of expensive energy resources.

We are told about the “monetization of subsidies” as a panacea in a difficult situation connected with the increase in gas prices.

That is, they are trying to convince us that the monetization of subsidies will allow people to insulate their homes and reduce their bills.

But how will people get the money for the insulation of their homes? After all, monetized subsidies will be spent on bills for gas, heat, and the like. If someone does manage to save, then this will be something obviously less than the amount necessary for insulation.

This whole situation reminds me of the story about Marie Antoinette and cakes. When the French queen was told that people were starving because there was no bread, she advised people to eat cakes.

This is what we are having in Ukraine. The houses are old, with cracks in the walls and holes in the roofs, with old windows.

Yet we are told: let’s raise gas prices and people will start saving. How? How will they be able to do this without a full-fledged thermo-modernization? How will they be able to pay for the insulation of their own houses if the “warm loans” program got only meagre 400 million hryvnias?

It is very beneficial for someone to make Ukrainians the slaves of the subsidy system, instead of providing them with opportunities to really reduce their utility bills!

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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