Anna Romanova: “If young people are not listened to, they can take down any power”

The authorities will reap what they have been sowing for 5 years. This is how Samopomich deputy Anna Romanova explains the reaction of young people to the presidential elections.

“In this election, we have observed a record high turnout of young people. The fact is that it was the response of young people to that disgraceful policy of the last years, when the authorities only remembered young people in words, not in real deeds.

Throughout the entire 5 years the proposals from the Family, Youth, Sports and Tourism Committee on youth housing loan programs have always been rejected by the Ministry of Finance. All bills aimed at improving the lives of young people were put to the vote on Wednesday when MPs from pro-government parties do not go to work.

Romanova notes: “If the coalition were really interested in passing bills for young people, then these bills would have been put to vote when the deputies were present in the parliament. This indicates that no one cared about the development of the younger generation.”

Funding for education is being constantly reduced. We remember the shameful cases when even the Kyiv Shevchenko National University made its students switch to the so-called distance learning for the whole winter, because there was no money for heating. If there is such a situation in one of the most reputable universities in the country, how can we talk about any care about education at all?

No one has tried to fight the mass migration of young people abroad, no one has established a dialogue with young people about why they want to leave the country. It was not interesting to anyone. The authorities traditionally thought that the turnout of young people would be as low as always and fixed the agenda depending on the needs of the oligarchy or their electorate. But everything turned out to be different. Romanova says: “The young people have actually voted against what is happening. We have seen that young people will demolish any power if nothing is done for the new generation.”

Samopomich has its own youth wing. Together with its representatives, the political force has developed a package of bills that need to be adopted as soon as possible in order to stop youth migration, provide housing for young people, increase funding for quality higher education, provide jobs, quotas for the youth in government. Because one can either talk about care or really care.

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