Anna Romanova: Ukrzaliznytsia is killing domestic tourism

Samopomich deputy Anna Romanova is appealing Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) and the Minister of Infrastructure to urgently increase the number of trains in the direction of Western Ukraine for the winter period and bring to justice those officials who thwarted a certain number of trips and thus disrupted plans of thousands of Ukrainians.

We are talking about the situation with the lack of tickets for the New Year and Christmas period, as well as about a strange behaviour of Ukrzaliznytsia.

Romanova says, “Thousands of Ukrainians are deprived of the opportunity to have a rest. And we are not only talking about a difficult financial situation. Even those people who had planned to travel and use the services of “Ukrzaliznytsia” simply could not get tickets, even back in November or October. Because first Ukrzaliznytsia blocked the sale of tickets on its website, and then said that there were no tickets at all.”

The people’s deputy has repeatedly appealed to Ukrzaliznytsia, first asking them to lift the restrictions on ticket sales and then to launch additional trains during the peak tourist winter period in the western regions of Ukraine. But all she has received were mere formal replies.

Anna Romanova has also told a story of a group of 50 children. Their journey from Dnipro to Chernivtsi was cancelled. Whereas the children had been expecting the winter holidays, their parents had already paid for these tours, because of Ukrzaliznytsia (for 45 days it provided no answer as to whether the tickets were available or not, then said that there are no direct tickets, but a group of 50 kids could travel with a couple of stop-overs, which was twice as expensive). Because of Ukrzaliznytsia, 50 Ukrainian children are deprived of quality holidays. And there are lots of such stories.

Romanova notes, “It is not martial law that is killing Ukrainian domestic tourism; it is Ukrzaliznytsia with its poor management, with the inability to ensure high-quality logistics, with the inability to ensure people’s high-quality rest in the south in the summer, in the Carpathians in the winter that is killing it”.

Romanova and the entire Samopomich insist that Ukrzaliznytsia must work on a strategy for the development of new connections in Ukraine. This will enable us to receive funds into the economy, instead of losing them because of the fact that people travel abroad seeking for a high-quality tourist product.

“And this is despite the fact that even in the conditions of martial law, trains go to Moscow, St. Petersburg run regularly, and Ukrzaliznytsia does not seem to have any intentions of removing trains from these directions and launching more trains to such popular cities as Uzhhorod, Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk.

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