Anna Romanova: Despite its unique tourist resources, unfortunately, Ukraine is an outsider in the development of tourism

As reported by people’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction, Anna Romanova, Ukraine scored 168th in the rating of investment attractiveness for construction of hotels compiled by authoritative CBRE campaign.
“This means that a state with unique tourism resources is an outsider in the development of the tourism industry. And this situation has arisen because there is no protect policy for the Ukrainian tourist product,” Anna Romanova believes.
Thus, according to the MP, the Ukrainian visa is three times more expensive than the Schengen one, and, despite the Government’s promises to resolve the situation with visas at airports, visas “upon arrival” can be obtained only in one airport – Boryspil.
“The Ukrainian Government has joined the UN initiative and proclaimed 2017 the Year of Sustainable Tourism. However, it would be better if in addition to the loud statements we would have a reaction to the numerous parliamentary inquiries and the recommendations of the parliamentary hearings on support for the domestic tourism industry,” concludes Anna Romanova.

Anna Romanova
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