Anna Romanova: Tourism in Ukraine is all about missed opportunities

Anna Romanova and Samopomich are calling on all political forces to sign a memorandum with the tourism industry, which consists of 10 clear actions. Samopomich leader Andriy Sadovyi has already signed this memorandum.

Romanova notes, “In order to be competitive and successful in tourism, we must all unite and meet the needs of the Ukrainian tourism industry.”

So far, Ukrainian tourism is all about the state’s lost opportunities in the sphere, which last year became the second fastest growing in the world, and in a few years, will be the first. The tourism industry could bring tens of billions of dollars, but the problem is that in Ukraine it is supported only with words, while the actual actions are aimed at the opposite – they are destroying it.

Anna Romanova notes, “We talk a lot about tourism, but at the same time, in the country’s GDP tourism has below 2%, whereas in European countries it is more than 10%. Political will is what is needed for the development of Ukrainian tourism – after all, we are told that one needs to spend holidays in Ukraine, but then those saying this go to the Maldives themselves,”

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