Anna Romanova: “Fraudulent tour operators refuse to pay compensation to people, while the government is idle”

During an hour of questions to the government, MP Anna Romanova from the Samopomich faction addressed the Prime Minister with the issue of the tourist collapse which has developed in the Ukrainian tourist market:

“This is the biggest tourist collapse in all the years of our independence; more than two thousand people have become victims of tour operators, scammers, who sold more tours than there are actual seats in planes.”

According to Anna Romanova, this situation became possible partially due to the inactivity of the Ministry of Economy, which issues licenses to tour operators. The fact that the Cabinet of Ministers did not address the issue of suspending licenses of unscrupulous tourist operators at its meetings proves this. “Moreover, these licences have never been even checked,” the MP noted.

According to official data of the State Aviation Service, only in the first quarter of 2018, there were about 3,000 delays in flights. Consequently, Anna Romanova is appealing to the Prime Minister to resolve the situation and ensure compensations to the victims: “I have a clear question: when will these fraudulent tour operators be held responsible and when will they pay compensation to thousands of people? So far, they are just ignoring calls, while the government is doing nothing”.


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