Anna Romanova: Scammers in the tourist market should be punished

MP Anna Romanova from the Samopomich faction has sent a request to the National Police regarding a number of registered criminal cases of deceived tourists.

“The fact is that this year was marked by massive frauds in the tourism market. The deceived tourists suffered from both a major tour operator and unscrupulous travel agents. We must protect the people,” said the deputy.

The National Police has hundreds of cases of fraud in the provision of tourism services registered, but investigative actions are being carried out sluggishly.

Anna Romanova sums up, “I demand from the National Police to become more active, because I have received some information, according to which, because of the inaction of the police, the fraudsters are already beginning to flee Ukraine.

The state must guarantee the right of citizens to rest, and unscrupulous businessmen in the tourist market must be punished.”

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