Anna Romanova: Local “kings” are closing down the educational institutions whose premises appealed to them

While the Minister of Education and Science is talking about the course for the modernization of vocational education institutions, the relevant educational institutions are being closed down all over the country. Moreover, notes Samopomich deputy Anna Romanova, in the draft state budget 2018, for which Samopomich did not vote, there was no money provided for this modernization, and the Ministry of Finance and the relevant minister sent letters to the heads of regional administrations, which spoke of the reduction of establishments of vocational education, among other things.

The parliamentarian resents, “There is a very vivid example – the city of Chernihiv. We have repeatedly appealed to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Education on the closure of a lyceum there.

The Minister and Prime Minister Hroisman promised the faction of Samopomich that this would never happen. This summer the lyceum ceased to exist. There are many similar cases throughout Ukraine.”

She continues, “Yesterday, we voted for a very necessary law on inclusive education for children with special educational needs. But at the same time, it is planned to close down a school for children with special educational needs in Chernihiv. So what is going on? What kind of education system are we talking about?!”

At the same time, there is no data on the reduction methodology and the number of the institutions closed down as the result of “modernization”. For example, Anna Romanova has been waiting for a response to the deputy’s request on these issues for two months already.

She concludes, “There is no systematic approach in closing down the institutions; they are closed down when local “kings’ – mayors or rural heads – consider it necessary. As a rule, these are those institutions that have very attractive premises in the city centre or very attractive dormitories that are closed down. Therefore, we need specific people, specific officials from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education to be held responsible for the fact that we are irretrievably losing the education system and Ukraine is becoming unattractive to investors.”

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