Anna Romanova: We have our own Dead Sea in Ukraine but we are not using it and going abroad instead

The Verkhovna Rada adopted a bill of the deputy of the Samopomich faction, Anna Romanova, about declaring the natural areas of the Kuyalnyk Estuary to be a resort of national importance.

“These are healing natural resources which we are not using today. We have such natural resources for treatment in our native country, yet we keep going abroad. And we do not understand that we are sitting on a gold mine which can bring funds to the economy of the whole country. It can improve our image as a tourist country, as a strong country.

“It is important to make the Kuyalnyk Estuary a resort of national importance, because now this territory resembles either a dump or a construction site. No investor wants to invest in this territory. Although local communities have a strategy on how to develop this territory, they are only waiting for the decisions of the Verkhovna Rada.

“It would be good if MPs spent their vacations in Ukraine. Because so far no one has calculated how many new jobs could be created in Kuyalnyk if this bill is adopted. And this is our task as MPs – to calculate the economic potential of each territory of Ukraine.”

Also, the bill 8502 is important from a global perspective, notes Romanova.

“It is a pity that we are slowly losing Ukraine. We are losing it not only because of the war in Donbas. We are losing our resources, our medical resorts. If this decision is not supported, then there will be buildings put up all over Kuyalnyk. We will lose this healing water, and our people will again spend their money elsewhere, strengthening the economy of Turkey or other countries. And they will not even know that Ukraine has its own Dead Sea.”

Nowadays, if Ukrainians have money, then they spend this money in Israel, Turkey, Switzerland, instead of investing funds in the economy of Ukraine, instead of developing such territories as Kuyalnyk, which can later return to our economy.

Every year, when travelling abroad, Ukrainians transfer from their native country about $7 billion by wire transfer. This is according to the official statistics of the NBU. When foreigners come to Ukraine they spend no more than $1.5 billion.

“Unless we develop our own tourism industry, logistics, railway connections, airports in each regional centre, we will not be able to attract additional funds into the economy of Ukraine. This is the money that could go to small and medium-sized businesses, could create jobs,” concludes Anna Romanova.

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