Anna Romanova: The shameful policy of blocking Lviv will result in the destruction of the image of the whole country

The garbage blockade of Lviv is not an issue of a single city in the country. Those who believe that the lack of the state policy of handling solid domestic waste (SDW) concerns Lviv only, are deeply mistaken.

Recently, upon my initiative, a group of Chinese tour operators arrived in Ukraine. We introduced our country to them. Among the eight cities they visited, they liked Lviv most of all. And most often answering the question, where would they like to take the groups of tourists on a large scale, they said it would be Lviv.

The city of Lviv is the tourist centre of Ukraine, the investment and tourist western gate of our state. Only in 2016 alone the city hosted about 3 million tourists, a third of whom are foreigners. That is, when foreigners discover Ukraine, they often start from the western borders.

The first city they get acquainted with is Lviv.

Such positive tourist attraction is a merit of the long-term and systematic work of the city leadership. And now this work is being destroyed by the shameful policy of blocking of Lviv, which leaves the city alone with the problem of solid domestic waste disposal. It is important to understand that today it is only due to the persistent work and extraordinary efforts of the city’s leadership that the city centre and the most tourist places can be kept clean. A delay in resolving the situation may result in the destruction of the image and tourist status of not only the city itself, but of the whole country.

When a tourist or a potential investor comes to Ukraine, in most cases they will visit Lviv. If they see the mountains of garbage, they will not care that this is a consequence of the struggle for political ratings. And do you believe they will want to get to the bottom of the situation and invest into a country where the President and the Prime Minister are not interested in stopping the garbage blockade of the tourist and investment pearl of the state?

Anna Romanova
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