Andriy Zhurzhiy: Tax Committee wants to illegally bring tax militia back

According to Samopomich MP, Andriy Zhurzhiy, today the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy voted in favor of giving the employees of the tax militias their powers back.

“This was done through supporting amendment №10 of deputy Nina Yuzhanina to the bill №0940 “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine regarding taxation of inheritance”. First of all, the amendment was introduced illegally, because the bill had been recommended by the Committee back on 20 April 2016, so all Committee’s amendments had been agreed upon back then. However, I think that today there will be attempts to push through this amendment,” says Andriy Zhurzhiy and adds that a representative of the Ministry of Finance who attended the meeting was against the amendments for which the Committee voted.

We shall recall that in early January it turned out that while voting for the budget on December 21 a paragraph defining the legal status and authority of the tax militia had been left out. Thus, the tax militia was deprived of its powers from January 1, 2017, which means that any of their activities to this day remain outside the law.

Samopomich Union faction insists on the need to eliminate the tax militia which is a discredited body that pressurizes business and spends on its maintenance more than it attracts to the budget.

Instead of the tax militia we need to create a new body that will really fight against economic crimes. We need to create financial police for this end. Bill №4228 on establishment of the financial police has been already registered by Samopomich MPs back in March 2016.

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