Andriy Zhurzhiy: The time of promises has passed; it’s time to fulfill them

Stop making promises, it’s high time you started fulfilling them. With these words, Samopomich MP appealed to the leaders of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the People’s Front factions.

He noted, “You said you were in favor of lifting the immunity of the deputies who are being accused.

However, you were so much willing to remove the immunity, that eventually you decided to postpone this issue, which is scheduled for consideration for today, till Thursday, to save your colleagues and to make it impossible to adopt a proper decision on the deputies of your factions. The time of promises has passed; it’s time to fulfill them. The Prosecutor General must be here, and the parliament must immediately remove immunity from the deputies for whom there are representations.”

“In addition, says the MP, you “want” to remove the immunity of deputies so much that you have blocked the bill #5487, which simplifies the procedure for its lifting and allows deputies who do not need it to get stripped of it voluntarily. Mr. Parubiy, you are the one guilty for the fact this bill has not appeared in the parliamentary hall.”


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