Andriy Sadovyi: I am not going to trade the country’s interests even in the context of the present unfavourable situation in Lviv

Lviv mayor and the leader of the Samopomich Union faction is convinced that the unprecedented situation with the disposition of garbage that has developed in Lviv is a result of the principled position of Samopomich in the Parliament concerning the key state issues; in particular, the special status of Donbas and election in the occupied territories on the Kremlin’s terms.

The city has appealed to all possible institutions to gain access to landfills to temporarily dispose of waste by the time a garbage processing complex is constructed. As of today all the garbage disposal companies have reported they are having problems with the disposition of garbage, or they have no place to take it to at all.

“For more than six months we have been coping with consequences of the arson at Hrybovychi landfill all by ourselves. Presently we expect that the state will finally help the city of Lviv. I have also appealed to international environmental organizations, partner cities and the embassies of foreign countries informing them of the situation that has arisen and asking for help. A potential environmental crisis might become international, and its consequences might affect the neighboring countries”, Andriy Sadovyi stated.

Lviv mayor underscores, “People are often asking me why I cannot make a deal with the senior officials to put an end to the pressure on Lviv and the blockade of the city. But I have neither the authority nor any desire to sell the country’s interests even in such extreme conditions that had been created for Lviv. Therefore, I will act in the framework of the powers and competences with which I am endowed as a mayor of the city.”

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