Andriy Sadovyi announced the bullet points of his military doctrine

During the opening of the Lviv Security Forum, Andriy Sadovyi announced the bullet points of his doctrine of victory in the war for independence. The Forum is attended by numerous experts from Ukraine and Western countries, as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin.

According to Andriy Sadovyi, to win the war with Russia, Ukraine needs to win four battles.

“The first battle is political. Russia has two key levers of influence on the domestic policy in Ukraine. These are direct agents of influence and corruption. We are all well aware of who is working for Putin – Medvedchuk, Dobkin, Novynskyi, Vilkul, Rabinovych. They travel to Russia, receive instructions, they own media in Ukraine. Are we doing anything to stop their activities? Corruption is yet another lever. It is vital for Putin that the Ukrainian political elite is corrupt. The Kremlin benefits from this, even if this corrupt elite presents itself as anti-Russian. After all, corrupt officials will not be trusted in the world, Ukrainians will not trust them, and the army will not trust them either.

The second battle is an economic one. It is important for Russia to make our economy dependent on it. Following 2014, there was a decrease in trade with Russia, but over the past two years, imports from Russia have grown significantly. We have our own coal in Western Ukraine; yet, we are importing coal from Russia. And the same is true about many other industries. Energy independence is vital for us. We have almost lost the battle for the Nord Stream 2, and the issue of energy security is becoming a key one. Stepping up our own gas production and the large-scale introduction of energy-saving technologies are our priority. We also need to talk about the possibility of our western allies’ investing in the defence complex. The war should be an impetus to serious innovations in this sphere.

The third battle is a military one. We are proud of our warriors, protectors who have shown their courage to the whole world. But are they protected, armed and having enough support when they return home? The trust and the morale of soldiers are paramount here. When the enemy is much stronger in terms of weapons, morale is particularly important. What does the budget of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine look like? These are just a few encrypted lines. The US defence budget makes up 500 pages of detailed descriptions. We are afraid that the enemy will know what we bought and for how much? The enemy already knows the details of this budget. This information is hidden from the Ukrainian people.

And one more battle is a foreign-policy one. In order to be able to talk on equal terms with others, we must minimize corruption, show economic growth. Then we will be equal partners and will have something to offer to our potential allies. It is important for us to build bilateral relations with the countries of Central Europe, the United States, and Great Britain, which understand what Russia is. Ukrainian diplomacy must work at maximum speed in order to seek and multiply allies in all countries important to us. Only by winning all these battles can we win the war, defend our independence, and liberate all the occupied territories,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

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