Andriy Sadovyi: “We must return the stolen country to people”

During his speech at the XIV Congress of the Samopomich Union party, the party leader Andriy Sadovyi called on his fellow party members to be ready for “turbulences” and outlined the priority tasks of the political force.

“Being confused by an unexpected independence in 1991, blinded by the coveted national symbols, exhausted by subsequent economic problems, Ukrainians simply did not notice how something that belongs to them – their own country – was stolen from them. They woke up only when they were on the edge between life and death,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

He noted that the greatest challenge of the political party was to drag the poorest country in Europe out of deep decline and degradation. “We must give the country back to people! Stop the outflow of talented and hard-working citizens who are massively leaving Ukraine; convince young people to believe that it is here, in this country, that they can build their future.”

The leader of the party notes that the goal of Samopomich is a successful and fair state. “Will we have allies in our work? Our logo says “Union”. We are not a closed club – we are declaring our readiness for cooperation and coordination of actions. The only condition is to share our values. If you do share them – we are ready to work together,” emphasized Andriy Sadovyi.

At the same time, he stated that the real allies of Samopomich are those to whom Ukraine rightfully belongs – the citizens of Ukraine.

“It is them whose interests we represent. Although I understand that we will not be able to convey these ideas to all of them and convince them of the sincerity of our intentions. Resistance and opposition will be extraordinarily strong,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

The Union leader said that the party would take an active part in the presidential and parliamentary elections: “We must convey our ideas to as many people as possible. And we must win.”

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