Americans and Europeans are outraged because of the breakdown of e-declarations implementation, Soboliev

Foreign diplomats are outraged because of the attempts to fake up a hacking into the e-declarations system, said MP from the “Samopomich” faction Yehor Soboliev.
“American and European politicians are outraged by the events connected with the launch of the electronic declarations system. An ambassador of one of the European countries considered this situation to be humiliating for the foreign partners providing support to Ukraine. Therefore, we are trying our best to finally launch the system,” said Soboliev.
“Samopomich” faction MP, Pavlo Kostenko, has sent a deputy appeal to the law enforcement agencies to find out who of the employees of the “Ukrainian Special Systems” state enterprise issued a certified key for submission of a false e-declaration to some unauthorized persons.
At the same time, the MP doubts the law enforcement agencies will take this appeal seriously.
“One has to take into consideration the fact that two representatives of political parties, namely the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the “People’s Front”, stated there had been a so called “hacking” into the system of e-declarations and the very system was unreliable. I’m having doubts about whether the law enforcement agencies will objectively verify the fact of employees’ issuing the certified key to unauthorized persons. Especially when most politicians do not want the e-declarations system to start working,” Kostenko added.

Yehor SobolevPavlo Kostenko
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