Aliona Babak: Uniform price of gas is a myth

Despite the fact that Ukrainians have been hearing a lot about the uniform price for gas recently its cost for budget of enterprises and the population is different. This was stated by MP from the “Samopomich” Union, Aliona Babak.
“The price of gas for the population and budget organizations is different. In order to produce heat and provide schools, hospitals, kindergartens with heating heat supply companies have to buy gas form “Naftogaz Ukraine” at a price thousand hryvnias higher than the cost of gas for domestic consumption,” said Aliona Babak.
At the same time the increased price is not indicated in the tariffs for heat of these enterprises.
“The National Commission did not approve the tariffs with the price of gas which is actually a thousand hryvnias higher. The heat tariffs were counted as if the gas price was the same as it is for domestic consumers. Whole summer long they have been talking about a “uniform price of gas,” and it is not uniform, as a matter of fact,” stressed the MP.
Aliona Babak adds that the fact that in order to start the heating season, the heat supply companies must now conclude gas supply contracts, which complicates the situation even more. That is, companies must enter into contracts knowing that they do not have the resources for the payments.
“Contracts must be signed, because the heating season starts on October 15,” explains the MP.
Aliona Babak summarizes that in order to solve the problem the Government or the National Commission regulating the tariffs should urgently explain how enterprises should buy gas at a price which is not factored into their tariffs for heat.

Alona Babak
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