Aliona Babak: “The government has disrupted the reforms, but we must keep moving”

On Wednesday, at a meeting of the Committee on Construction, Urban Development, Housing and Communal Services, it became quite clear that the government had disrupted two major reforms – on the accounting for water and heat resources and on housing and communal services. This was stated by MP Aliona Babak of the Samopomich parliamentary faction during an hour of questions to the Cabinet of Ministers in the Verkhovna Rada.

She noted, “We know it for sure now that the law on housing and communal services will not come into force on June 10 of this year, because the government has not prepared and adopted the resolutions that would allow people to change managers, choose how to work with water and heat utilities, how to meter water and heat in homes.”

Aliona Babak addressed the Cabinet, “So, who in the government will be responsible for the failure of these major reforms and who will let people change the yoke of the imposed managing companies, which are already charging ten hryvnias per square metre of housing services?”

The people’s deputy requires the government to set a clear date when the appropriate resolutions which will let implement the two large-scale reforms will be adopted.

Aliona Babak is convinced, “Despite all the delays in the development of by-laws by the government, the process of reforming and of people’s perception of themselves as the righteous owners of their homes who want to put things in order in their homes will not stop. We only need to keep pushing the government to make it comply with the deadlines for the implementation of by-laws, conduct educational and explanatory work, and then the reform will work for the benefit of every Ukrainian. I believe in this”.

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