Alena Babak: The electricity market reform should not leave people without water and heat

Samopomich deputy Aliona Babak urges the parliament to include in the agenda and vote for bills 9406 and 9406-1. These are the bills that should eliminate certain shortcomings in the law regarding the purchase of electricity by water and heat supply enterprises.

“It is important for us that in this political year Ukrainians are not left without water, without heat. We do not want any negative effects of major reforms, such as the reform of the electricity supply market,” says Babak.

The situation is critical, because what is written in the law does not allow the enterprises of heat and water supply to receive electricity at normal prices during the reform’s transition period. Therefore, today about sixty water utilities and thirty heat supply companies are dependent on the so-called “last hope” supplier and have to pay for electricity at very high rates.

It should be noted that the “last hope” supplier is the supplier determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the one that has no right to refuse to conclude a contract for the supply of natural gas for a limited period of time.

Aliona Babak notes, “From April 1, the supply of electricity to these enterprises will actually stop and it is not clear with whom and how they should conclude contracts.

Therefore, these bills offer mechanisms for their implementation for the sake of ensuring a continuous supply of water to consumers.”

“All local authorities are aware of this problem today. They are calling on the MPs of all political forces to eliminate the shortcoming of the law on electricity market and let the water and heat supply enterprises work in a proper way.”

Aliona Babak also draws the attention of the government to the fact that state mines are now dependent on the “last hope” supplier as well; consequently, the mines can remain without electricity from April 1. And this means the cessation of operation of state mines and the uncertainty as for where electricity should be supplied from in order to ensure the operation of pumps and equipment, which are supposed to guarantee environmental safety.

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