Alena Babak: The parliament has taken a step back in the reforms that were supposed to ensure residents’ fair payment for the consumed services

Today the Verkhovna Rada has sent back the law “On commercial accounting of water and heat in apartment buildings” for a repeat second reading. According to the people’s deputy of the Samopomich Union, Aliona Babak, today there has been a sabotage of reforms in the field of energy efficiency, in the sphere of ensuring people’s payment for what they actually consume.

“The bill proposed to remove from the standing charge tariff the cost of installing meters and specify this cost separately dividing it between the premises in the building splitting this payment into instalments for the next 5 years – this will let people see what they have to pay for. Moreover, if a person decides to buy a meter on his/her own, instead of paying the fee, this law could make the monopolist unable to refuse to install it.

However, some parliamentarians mislead people today during the consideration of the law, stating that consumers will have to pay for the installation of meters on their own,” said Aliona Babak.

Consequently, the return of the bill for the repeat second reading deprived people of the opportunity to pay for what they consume, of transparency in determining fees for meters.

“This draft law could be a fuse against fraud, corruption, overcharging for meters. This draft law is a step towards proper relations between the consumer and the monopolist,” concludes Aliona Babak.

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