Aliona Babak: Do we lack laws or a good government that would implement them?

“The government tells us that we are constantly criticizing the authorities. So let’s not criticize, but think critically – the way children should be taught to think by the new Ukrainian school. Why are Ukrainians going to other European countries, depriving Ukraine of its most qualified labour force?” asks MP Aliona Babak from the Samopomich faction.

“Let’s imagine a European country, where the parliament has been passing laws and fulfilling its obligations toward the citizens since 1992, while the government of this European country all the time fails to adopt secondary legislation to implement these laws. In Ukraine, this is possible. We adopted a law on shared households which let people privatize their housing back in 1992. Yet, today people are protesting outside the Cabinet of Ministers and are waiting for a nationwide program for the implementation of this law.”

“Imagine that in Germany a consumer wants to buy gas to heat the water, so he goes to a gas company and the latter says, “Oh, sorry, but Merkel’s government did not approve the decree on time, so we cannot conclude an agreement with you, even though you have no debts.” And in Ukraine this is possible. Condominiums throughout Ukraine have gas boiler houses and cannot contract for the supply of gas for three months in a row, because the government cannot adopt the 187th decree on time.”

“The government is cynically talking about how much it cares about young people, but it does not provide any economic programs in the presented budget – not even enough funding for the affordable loans for the housing of the youth.”

“What kind of European state, having 2 billion in the budget, can stop financing energy efficiency programs, when only 400 million is spent, and at the same time stating that we are going to have great lives once we increase gas prices.”

Because of the inadequate work of certain ministers, ordinary citizens suffer. “Imagine a state in which 30 thousand houses are disconnected from gas supply due to the fact that some ministry did not approve the list of certain routine works. And in Ukraine this is possible. Gas companies are disconnecting 30 thousand condominiums from the gas supply since Mr. Nasalyk has not adopted a certain order.”

“Imagine a government in a European country that has concluded contracts for 300 million through the Ministry of Finance and is not executing them, meanwhile fining the enterprise. And in Ukraine this is possible. In 2017, the Ministry of Finance signed contracts for 300 million hryvnias on VAT restructuring with water service companies, and not a single contract has been executed so far, but fines ware imposed.”

Aliona Babak asks Ukrainians to think critically and to arrive at a question: “Do we lack European laws or a good government that should be able to implement them?”

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