Aliona Babak: “There will be no chaos in housing and communal services”

This week, the parliament adopted a number of initiatives important for the sphere of housing and communal services. In particular, according to MP Aliona Babak from the Samopomich faction, we are talking about the decision not to postpone the implementation of the law on housing and communal services in terms of the introduction of the housing management market.

She notes, “Looks like starting from the next week, no one will be able to decide instead of home owners who will manage the homes of the latter. Now we are expecting the government to draft a typical contract for the provision of management services within a month, and then the owners will become fully empowered and able to manage their housing. This is very important and very good.”

Moreover, the Verkhovna Rada has settled the issues of granting subsidies during the transitional period of the introduction of the law on housing and communal services. Aliona Babak says, “The implementation of the provisions of the law on penalties has also been postponed. Earlier, when the law was supposed to come into force on June 10, the penalty was supposed to be introduced from January 1, 2019. Now we are actually postponing it till the end of the next heating season – till May 1, 2019”.

Unfortunately, the parliament was forced to postpone the entry into force of certain regulations of the law relating to the provision of water, electricity, gas, heat, and waste management. The reason for this is the fact that the government and the National Commission for Regulation in Energy and Utilities have not managed to prepare contracts for the provision of these services and develop the procedures for the formation of tariffs.

“We just could not let there be chaos and uncertainty, which could arise given the absence of contracts for the period when the law on housing and communal services would be introduced, while there would be no by-laws to implement it. The most important thing now is to have the President sign these changes,” concludes Aliona Babak.

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