“Activists are exposing those who are plundering this state; therefore, the former are being killed” – Samopomich

The Samopomich parliamentary faction is calling for the creation of an independent and balanced provisional investigatory commission regarding the attacks on activists. This commission should be headed by a person who has no relation to the coalition, who will independently and unbiasedly carry out the work of this investigatory commission.

This commission must finally say why the attacks on activists are not investigated, why they are sabotaged on the ground, and who is afraid of activists and why? Because it looks like the activists are killed because they expose those plundering this state.

Yesterday, during a meeting of the coordination board, activists and human rights advocates came to the building of the parliament. They demanded the creation of an independent provisional investigatory commission.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that the investigators of the commissions within this parliament were rarely effective. It is known that they have very little authority. But Samopomich still demands to set up this commission to investigate the attacks on activists, the attack on and now the death of the activist Handziuk. Samopomich will continue demanding this, despite the fact that now the majority in the parliament, the ruling coalition is trying to create an absolutely controlled provisional investigatory commission.

The coalition appointed the chairman of the Security Service, who is now in charge of the investigation; it appointed the Prosecutor General, who is responsible for procedural guidance in these investigations; the Minister of Internal Affairs, who is responsible for the work of the National Police and manages its activities. And now the members of the coalition want to control the provisional investigatory commission, which will have to draw a conclusion whether or not there is any inaction in the work of the abovementioned bodies; whether the attacks on activists are investigated or sabotaged on the ground by the law enforcement agencies?

This is not how parliamentarism works. First and foremost, Samopomich believes that this provisional investigatory commission should have an independent chairman. Secondly, everyone should take responsibility for the work of this commission.

The parliament must finally become a true parliament. We need to remember that we were elected by people, not law enforcement agencies or ministers. Those people who are being attacked today, are actually the ones performing the duties of the law enforcement agencies, the work of courts – they are exposing corrupt officials. And the authorities cannot even investigate the cases of attacks on these activists.

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