“Aggression is unacceptable in a civilized country” – Sadovyi reproached Poroshenko for taking the hat off a girl in Zaporizhia

“I understand that one might not like when something bad is said about them. But one must have control and respect for people.”

Candidate for the post of President of Ukraine Andriy Sadovyi notes that the President should serve people instead of showing aggression towards them. This is how Andriy Sadovyi reacted to the video, where the current head of the state forcibly takes off the hat from a girl’s head during a meeting in Zaporizhia.

He said this in his video blog on Youtube dedicated to the situation with domestic violence in Ukraine.

The politician is convinced that in Ukraine people are afraid to talk about domestic violence, whereas the police very often pay no attention to it calling such things family matters:

“In fact, the figures are impressive – 600 women were killed because of domestic violence. 110,000 citizens of our country suffer from it. And these are only those who have reported. 128,000 families simply fell apart. Again, this is only official statistics.”

According to the politician, 80% of the social function of helping victims of domestic violence should be carried out by non-governmental organizations.

“Cities and the state should provide money for this. The effect is a thousand times better than when the state does it. Because there should be love, understanding, and very often these are the people who have experienced domestic violence themselves that are engaged in providing help,” notes Sadovyi.

He cites the example of Lviv, where a care centre for women in crisis situations has been operating for nine years already. “The city council gave them premises, they are doing repairs. The centre can host 15 women and it can also provide them with a job. The city is also going to open a social hostel, where women in need can find help as well,” says Sadovyi. He adds that such projects should be implemented throughout the country

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