Green light for 4G in Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a resolution that establishes the minimum amount of fees for the issuance of appropriate licenses for the use of radio frequency resources of Ukraine. This is the last step that allows the regulator – the National Commission for Communications and Informatization – to conduct an honest and transparent tender for the issuance of licenses for 4G.

“The technological breakthrough that Ukraine has made over the past three years is truly inspiring, since we have received a real chance to fully develop the digital economy of Ukraine. The state has finally got a chance to reduce the digital gap with the rest of the world; with the launch of 4G we will open up opportunities for investors; we will finally be able to fully develop electronic services in all spheres of life without exception,” commented Oleksandr Danchenko, chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Informatization and Communications.

4G is a technology of mobile access to the Internet at ultra-high speed of up to 450 Mb per second. Due to a transparent tender for issuing licenses for 4G, the state budget will additionally receive 6.3 billion hryvnias. In addition to direct financial revenues, the deployment of a high-speed network will also attract investment in Ukraine for the development of infrastructure projects. Moreover, the state will become an attractive platform for regional offices of global IT and innovation companies. Entrepreneurs working in the field of e-commerce will be able to significantly expand the areas of their work, which will create new jobs, improve the level of business attractiveness, and increase revenues to the state budget from paying taxes.

People’s deputies, members of the Samopomich faction – Oleksandr Danchenko and Roman Semenukha – took an active part in the process of preparing and approving the documents required for the tender for 4G. Despite the attempts of individual politicians to disrupt the process and thanks to the open public position in the market, with the assistance of the Samopomich MPs, now there are no obstacles for holding the tender.

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