Naftogaz refuses to disclose the information about its “market” purchases through its Swiss subsidiary company

Naftogaz reported that the Government had agreed with the IMF on raising gas prices for the population.

It’s strange that such news is announced by the head of the state company, not by the government representatives. This is especially strange taking into account the systematic refusal of the enterprise to provide information on gas purchases in its Swiss subsidiary.

That is, when it comes to informing about the increase in gas prices for the population, the enterprise knows no delays. However, disclosing information about their “market” purchases from a Swiss subsidiary is a problem.

Recently, Naftogaz of Ukraine has sent yet another refusal to provide information on the purchase prices of the natural gas bought from the Swiss trader Naftogaz Trading Europe S.A. This is a one hundred percent “daughter” of Naftogaz in the Swiss jurisdiction, which the former has been actively using for import operations over the past few years. It is not clear where this subsidiary takes the gas from and at what price, what expenses it bears and what the purpose of its functioning is.

Since spring 2018, I have made several appeals to Naftogaz to understand how the price of imported gas is formed in this Swiss company and, in general, why Naftogaz, which is so proud of its cooperation with well-known European gas traders, even needs it.

However, this time Naftogaz once again found some rather irrelevant legal precedents not to provide information, which is of great public interest and which should be provided to the people’s deputy of Ukraine within the framework of the control function of the parliament.

Interestingly, a year ago, when it was not specifically about this mysterious Swiss company, responding to my appeal, Naftogaz disclosed information on the volume and purchasing price of the imported natural gas in the context of each individual counterparty in accordance with each individual contract and separately for each month.

This time I sent exactly the same appeal as last year. I will wait for information about NTE SA in response to this appeal. At the same time, I am going to examine other legal ways of obtaining information about NTE SA.

Such a mysterious scheme with the “Naftogaz” purchasing gas from this Swiss company looks too suspicious.

If everything is as transparent and understandable as it was a year ago, why can’t Naftogaz provide this data in due course?


Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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