2017 – the year of the beginning of political repressions in post-Maidan Ukraine, – Podoliak

“All of 2017 has been for our political force, its supporters, for a part of our adherents in the parliament a year of not development, but resistance to the system, a system that, unfortunately, has not been changed. It was camouflaged, and now we see a revenge taking place and a hydra of corruption and political persecution rising.

2017 has also gone down in history as the year of the revenge of the oligarchy and the beginning of political repression in the after-Maidan Ukraine. More than 50 criminal cases have been launched against our party members, supporters, members of the public organizations of Samopomich, heads of local government bodies. Why have this young political force – Samopomich Union party – and our fellow party members turned out to be under repressive political pressure:

• For the resistance to the special status of Donbas in the Constitution of Ukraine

• For calling the Minsk agreements a capitulation

• For the demand to recognize the Russian aggression

• For the protection of volunteers in courts

• For the blockade of the trade built blood

• For consistently and systematically calling the so-called ATO a war

• For the protection of the NABU

• For the requirement to create an Anti-Corruption Court

• For fighting the repressive machine

• For the protection of human rights

• For defending entrepreneurs from tax authorities

• For fighting to the last for money for communities

• For the truth about Rotterdam+

• For the resistance of the energy mafia

• For the state language

• For resisting Russian propaganda

• For the law on restriction of deputy immunity

I wish to none of new political forces that come to the parliament with pure intentions to turn out to be in such a situation.

We support and will support all like-minded people, all citizens who want an honest and prosperous Ukraine. Let’ stand together. Because our power is in unity. Together we will win,” says Samopomich MP Iryna Podoliak.


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