“In 2016, 4,809 people were killed on the roads in Ukraine” – Ihor Didenko

In 2016, 4,809 people were killed on the roads in Ukraine, and about 55,000 were injured. Commenting on such figures, Samopomich MP, chairman of the parliamentary Subcommittee on Road Safety of the Committee on Transport Ihor Didenko notes, “We have such sad statistics, because the issue of saving people’s lives on the roads has not yet been perceived by the authorities as a priority.”

He adds: the shocking figures can be prevented or minimized through a systematic work of the authorities and the public towards improving road safety. By the way, Ukraine has already made the first steps in this direction with the assistance of Ihor Didenko.

The lawmaker says, “First of all, the Subcommittee on Road Safety was set up in the Committee on Transport; the first parliamentary hearings “Status and Prospects of Securing Road Safety in Ukraine” were held; an interdepartmental group on reforming the state system of road traffic in Ukraine was set up; the group developed and submitted for consideration by the Cabinet of Ministers the Strategy for improving the level of road safety in Ukraine for the period by 2020. The document was approved by the government.”

“Secondly, he adds, it is impossible to implement measures aimed at preserving people’s lives on the roads without adequate funding. Therefore, an important step in providing such financing was the idea of deducting 5% of the Road Fund for road safety activities, which we managed to implement. Therefore, starting from 2018 funds will be provided for this.”

Another important element of the struggle for the lives of Ukrainians on the roads, according to Ihor Didenko, was the signing of the Manifesto for road safety by MPs from over the world in London. The document contains key recommendations on the measures that must be taken to preserve people’s lives on the roads.

Three factors are especially important for Ukraine in the Manifesto. “First of all, this is active involvement of regions into the policy of preserving people’s lives, because the greatest number of traffic related deaths and injuries happen precisely in populated localities.

Secondly, the construction of infrastructure in such a way as to minimize a possible driver error or reduce the possibility of violation of traffic rules. Thirdly, work with people aimed at raising the awareness that their lives are the biggest value,” concludes Ihor Didenko.

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