Presentation of the new regulation of Kyiv City Council to be held in Kyiv, September 2

Today at 2 pm in the coordination office of the “Samopomich Union” in Kyiv (6a Mykhailivska Str., 2nd floor) there will be a presentation of the new regulation adopted by Kyiv City Council in July.
Oleh Makarov, chairman of the regulation commission, deputy of the “Samopomich Union” faction, will hold a public presentation of the most important blocks of the regulation.
Regulation is a basic document governing the activities of a city council. Each new convocation adopts a new regulation. However, new deputies started 2016 being five years behindhand with the world; the previous regulation was not quite different from the old-regime regulation of 2011. The work on the new document has lasted for six months and consisted of 60 working meetings.
The new regulation of Kyiv city council was brought into line with the modern anti-corruption legislation; it contains clearly defined rules on how to counter the “conflict of interest”. The document sets clear deadlines for reviewing draft resolutions, provides for greater accountability of departments of Kyiv City State Administration to the deputies of Kyiv City Council, initiates creation of a video archive of plenary sessions of the City Council and standing committees’ meetings.
Some updated from the recommendations of the Council of Europe, as well as a typical community council regulation elaborated by the “Transparent councils” public organizations association were taken into account in the process of drawing up the regulation.
For a review of the regulation follow the link.
The full text of the new regulation is available on the website of the City Council.
Registration: tel. (093) 220-53-19 (Kateryna) or email: [email protected]

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