Female hands holding Ukrainian abroad passports on the Krakow city center background. Traveling to Europe from Post-Soviet countries or emigration to Europe concept 10,583
(УКР) Як оформити біометричний паспорт

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Anna Romanova: “Visa-free regime is not a panacea; we must build a successful country here”

As for the visa-free regime, I would like to voice some, perhaps unpopular, but honest things. The side effects of…

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Looks like the government needs no investments for urban infrastructure and regional development – Serhiy Kiral

Investment money – not for dissaving, for the National Bank, or to cover the budget deficit, but for the urban…

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What did Ukraine tell the IMF

The opponents of the suspension of trade with the occupied territories have frightened Ukrainians with all the worst consequences possible….

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On how the Committee rejected the bill on temporarily occupied territories

If you want to bungle a job, set up a working group for it. Perhaps, the opponents of the draft…

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Anna Romanova: We have no effective youth policy yet

A week ago there was a terrible situation, which shocked the whole country. Teenagers cruelly tortured teenagers. In broad daylight….

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President against local government

A creeping attack on local self-government continues in Ukraine offsetting the achievements of decentralization that we have reached due to…

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8 steps to pump up the budget or how to save 25 billion hryvnias

Today, our economy has long exhausted the Soviet stock of strength and has become “tired” of unprofessionalism Amidst the severe…

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